Armada Restaurant POS

You put your heart into your restaurant; shouldn’t your POS company do the same? We think so, and that’s why Armada POS is designed with passion by restaurant people to meet the unique needs of your full service restaurant and quick service restaurant.

Perfect for Restaurant just like yours
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Full Service Tech for Full Service Restaurants

Armada POS’s integrated platform of intuitive software and restaurant-proof hardware builds better 
dining experiences for full service restaurant operators and guests.

Make Informed Decisions

Armada POS gives you the data you need to make informed decisions, so you know what’s working and can fix what isn’t.

Turn Tables Faster

Speedier service, shorter waits, and improved efficiency from every employee, every shift.

Personalize Your Experience

Every piece of Armada POS is fully customized for you – with tools that boost profits and productivity.

Touch. Swipe. Master in Minutes. Streamline your Workflow

Armada POS is designed around the needs of full service restaurants and comes packed with features that make running your restaurant in no time.

Send accurate orders directly to the kitchen.

Taking orders has never been easier or more accurate with intuitive item modifiers. Manage multiple items simultaneously and instantly change details like price, name, or quantity.

Split checks seamlessly.

Merging, transferring, and splitting checks is fast and simple. Servers can split checks into specified amounts, or move various items to individual checks.

Keep tabs on your key stock items.

Provide staff with up-to-the-minute counts on remaining items so you never ring in an order for something that’s been 86’d.

One solution for multiple seating areas.

Armada POS gives you customized floor plans to match the design and layout of venues of every size. Manage your bar, patio, and upstairs rooms all from one screen.

Turn More Tables & More Heads

Armada POS adds efficiency to table, guest, and order management, giving guests a memorable dining experience with less time spent waiting..

Quick Service Restaurants just got Quicker

Bust lines, improve efficiency, and build a loyal customer base with Armada Point of Sale.

Speed up Service

Quickly speed through your line and enter orders with ease to increase revenue and keep guests happy.

Understand your Restaurant

Armada POS gives you the data to make informed decisions, so you know what’s working and you can fix what isn’t.
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