Armada Chain Restaurant Point of Sale.

Manage your Large chain Restaurant from Single Platform

Tablet Billing

Customers now can easily order their food from Tablet. All orders are synced with POS automatically. This will reduce the time by taking orders manually.

Waiter Management

Track all orders placed by different Waiters from different restaurants. Create a separate profile for each waiter at the central panel

Sales Analysis

Monitor the performance of each branch easily. View detailed sales reports of multiple branches from a single platform easily.

Additional Benefits for Large Restaurant Chains

Central Menu Management

Update menu in a specific branch through one central panel. Updates and modifications reflect in the menu instantly, as soon as any changes are made in any branch

Web Reporting

Our sync module is a strong and centralized system that gets all orders data of each branch. Our web reports are accessible from all over the world to get daily sales reports, weekly reports and branch wise reports.

Table Management

 Armada POS system for restaurants includes a graphical floor layout of your tables. As a result, you should be able to easily manage and assign table service, customer orders, as well as table reservations.

Inventory Control

A multi-site POS system makes it possible to keep track of on-site inventory and food usage. Armada Chain Restaurant  POS, multi-store inventory gives a centralized platform from which you purchase, receive and transfer stock for all your store locations.

Central CRM

Centrally manage the customer database of each branch in one place. Run branch-specific offers for each outlet based on your customer demography to encourage repeat visits.

Enterprise Reporting

Get complete control over your different restaurant branches through Enterprise Reporting. Keep a track of your entire large-chain restaurants by analyzing the sales reports and the revenue of each branch.

Vat Enabled

 Get VAT ready restaurant POS Software in UAE.  Armada POS is fully VAT compliance POS as per the UAE VAT Policy.  Keep records of all orders with VAT 

Online Ordering

Armada Restaurant POS have both online and offline cloud version. Customer can place order itself from the tablet.

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