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Armada POS System is the latest state of the art Point of Sale (POS) service for today's Retail and Hospitality establishments. Using the most advanced technologies, Armada POS is able to provide you with an ongoing, reliable service you can count on.

Whether you are trying to find better ways to manage your multi-location casual restaurant operation, retuning your delivery side of the business, manage your existing retail outlet(s) or simply opening your first location, Armada POS can help you. Armada POS System focuses on working with you as your partner. Listening to your needs and studying the latest market trends in order to provide you with an ever-growing set of features to help you succeed. You can start with just one POS and add more as you need, or start with more than 30 POS Terminals from the beginning. As your needs grow, your Armada POS System can grow with you.

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How It Works

Armada POS System staff takes great pride in the innovative technology supporting its reliable service. The main goal set forth to Armada POS staff has been to continuously maintain a focus to:

Provide Hospitality Professionals with innovative tools to allow them to maximize their efficiency and in turn the profitability of their establishments.

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How we compare

Armada POS's System innovation is reflected in everything from how its service is structured to how the software has been designed. Its innovative business model allows Armada POS System to provide a higher quality of service than traditional POS vendors.

To understand how Armada POS System does this, simply compare a traditional POS product with our innovative POS Service.

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Low Cost Of Ownership

Armada POS System provides an unmatched service that does not rely solely on software, but in the ability to constantly provide the customer with added benefits and services not available when purchasing standard version-based software.

In fact Armada POS's System business model thrives on the idea that the sale is never final - it is all about the service..

Armada Retail POS System gives retailers the means to succeed

Armada Retail POS System is a scalable, flexible retail management platform. Complete, easy-to-use,
stand-alone POS solution specially designed for small and medium scale retail businesses.

If you’re shopping for a new Point Of Sale (POS) System or upgrading your existing POS, Make us your First And Last Stop.

A New Way To Do Retail

Armada POS System is one of the fully integrated system of its kind—no matter where or when you run your business, data syncs instantly across all devices.

Easy To Learn - Easy To Use

Our POS System are easy to use and learn. The graphical interface is easily customizable, to adjust to every cashier and every need of the business. 

Sell More In-Store

Upsell. Cross Sell. Increase average sale. Powerful loyalty. Automatic stock transfers Live Product lookups - all stores. Visibility of entire supply chain.

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Armada Chain Retail Point of Sale Software.

Armada multi store POS is the best and offordable software solution for your business needs. Easly add new outlets as you open. Easly check real-time inventory across every store

Order Management

Armada Retail chain POS has a strong order management system that optimizes your inventory by making it available to your customers wherever and however they choose to shop with you. customer order history will be reflected in each branch that gives powerful features to main customer loyalty easily to shop from any outlet.

Inventory Management

Armada Chain retail POS, multi-store inventory gives a centralized platform from which you purchase, receive and transfer stock for all your store locations. From importing, re-ordering, store replenishment, stock transfers, fulfillment, centralized product administration, price, and promotion management – we make it easy - the way retail should be!.

Web Reporting

Armada Sync module fetch all orders data from each outlet to a centralized web platform that is accessible from anywhere. Save time with reports that explain your business progress and projection to you. Access valuable data in real-time to make informed decisions for your business. get a customized report of each branch easily like daily, weekly and monthly

Armada Multi-location Point of Sale Software

As your business grows, Armada Chain Restaurant is designed to grow with you. Using synchronization to share information between multiple stores to give you fast access to your data all the time at all of your locations.

Full Service Tech for Full Service Restaurants

Armada POS’s System integrated platform of intuitive software and restaurant-proof hardware builds better
dining experiences for full service restaurant operators and guests.

Make Informed Decisions

Armada POS gives you the data you need to make informed decisions, so you know what’s working and can fix what isn’t.

Turn Tables Faster

Speedier service, shorter waits, and improved efficiency from every employee, every shift.

Personalize Your Experience

Every piece of Armada POS System is fully customized for you – with tools that boost profits and productivity.

Touch. Swipe. Master in Minutes. Streamline your Workflow

Armada POS System is designed around the needs of full service restaurants and comes packed with features that make running your restaurant in no time.

Send accurate orders directly to the kitchen.

Taking orders has never been easier or more accurate with intuitive item modifiers. Manage multiple items simultaneously and instantly change details like price, name, or quantity.

Split checks seamlessly.

Merging, transferring, and splitting checks is fast and simple. Servers can split checks into specified amounts, or move various items to individual checks.

Keep tabs on your key stock items.

Provide staff with up-to-the-minute counts on remaining items so you never ring in an order for something that’s been 86’d.

One solution for multiple seating areas.

Armada POS System gives you customized floor plans to match the design and layout of venues of every size. Manage your bar, patio, and upstairs rooms all from one screen.

Turn more Tables & more Heads

Armada POS System adds efficiency to table, guest, and order management, giving guests a memorable dining experience with less time spent waiting..

Quick Service Restaurants just got Quicker

Bust lines, improve efficiency, and build a loyal customer base with Armada Point of Sale.

Give us a call and learn why numerous customers have trusted us to provide them
the best Quick Service Restaurant POS system for their businesses.

Armada Chain Restaurant Point of Sale.

Manage your Large chain Restaurant from Single Platform

Multi-Location POS

As your business grows, Armada Chain Restaurant is designed to grow with you. Using synchronization to share information between multiple stores to give you fast access to your data all the time at all of your locations.

Kitchen Display

A display system that looks and functions like the original diner ticket without the expense of paper and ink.

Employee Management

View employee sales, tips, and hours worked all in one place – including the ability to assign access levels.

24/7 Support

Our support team is available around the clock, every day, including holidays.

Combos & Modifiers

Servers are prompted to offer all combos and modifiers to increase revenue and guest satisfaction.

Accounting Integration

Armada POS System integrates with major accounting softwares you can automate posting, handle tax payments and management accounting with ease.

Enhanced Security

Armada POS System takes your security seriously with a system designed to protect both you and your customers.

Offline Mode

Armada POS System gives you peace of mind – and keeps your restaurant working even when your internet isn’t

Flexible Discounting

Discount anyway you want, with the ability to offer BOGO (Buy one, get one free), item specific, Customer Specific, and even percentage-based discounts.

Payment Processing

Armada POS System gives you peace of mind – and keeps your restaurant working even when your internet isn’t

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